Our Values

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

We created Elaïs Orium as independent entrepreneurs, to support managers who intend to become leaders in their market, to enlarge their product or service range, to acquire additional know-hows or competitors, or to expand internationally.

Long Term Focus

Companies need time to reach their strategic objectives. Accordingly, our commitments alongside managers are usually made for periods of 5 years or more which allow them to implement those development plans that we identified together.


Our approach is exclusively pragmatic on all corporate matters; recruitments , capital investments, employee compensation, decarbonization and other ESG matters etc.


Transparency is one of the main pillars of confidence in the relationships that we develop with our managers, and one of the main reasons behind our successes.


During our several decades of cumulated experience as private equity investors, we provided a unique level of commitment to entrepreneurs of our portfolio by nurturing strong relationships and delivering concrete, value-added support in their development strategy, most particularly in foreign countries.

Sharing Value Creation

We recognize the essential role of our managers in the value creation process. Accordingly, all managers that we back are shareholders of their company and we always arrange a meaningful sharing of the value created during our partnership.