Our Investments

Sylfen is developing integrated energy storage and cogeneration solutions for buildings, industries, and eco-districts.
Investment Date: 2022
Manager: Nicolas Bardi
Elaïs Orium has been supporting Sylfen in the commercial roll out of its disruptive technology of reversible electrolyzers for buildings.

Thur Hydro is a group of small hydropower plants established on the watershed of the Thur river in Cernay (Haut Rhin).
Investment Date: 2017
Exit Date: 2021
Elaïs Orium acquired the hydropower plants of Thur Hydro featuring 700 KW of installed power and modernised them to improve the level and quality of their production.

France Elévateur is the leading French manufacturer of aerial work platforms and a leading European player.
Investment Date: 2014
Exit Date: 2022
Manager: Charles Goffin
Elaïs Orium has been supporting France Elevateur in the execution of a large transformation plan which includes the addition of new management talent, the implementation of new processes, a European expansion plan based on product innovation and corporate acquisitions, a major program of industrial excellence and expansion of after-sale support.

Santé Basque Développement (SBD) is the leading private player in mental health in the South West of France and the leading private player in daycare mental health in Lyons.
Investment Date: 2015
Reinvestment Date: 2021
Manager: Dr. Olivier Drevon
Elaïs Orium has been supporting SBD in acquiring smaller mental health clinics and transforming them into first class platforms with major real estate renovations and the enrichment of their health services through day care specialties (such as child psychiatry, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, addictions etc.)

Sunaero is the world leading provider of fast leak detection and repair solutions to aircrafts.
Investment Date: 2016
Manager: Jean Roussel
In partnership with its founding shareholders, Elaïs has been supporting the transformation of Sunaero from a manufacturer of technical solutions into a global provider of fast leak detection and repair services to OEMs, airlines and MRO organizations. This strategic project has substantially changed the profile and organization of Sunaero.

Duprat Concept is a leading operator of outdoor recreational activities for both individuals and companies.
Investment Date: 2012
Exit Date: 2016
Managers: Yves Duprat and Laurence Heisbourg
Elaïs Orium supported Yves Duprat and Laurence Heisbourg in the group’s structuring, the signing of strategic partnership agreements and the internationalization of activities through the opening of sites in Germany, the Netherlands and Morocco.

Kiping is a regional leader in HVAC installation and maintenance and electrical engineering in the South East of France.
Investment Date: 2011
Manager: Johan Bencivenga
Elaïs Orium supports Johan Bencivenga in the change of scale of his group: complementary build-ups, geographical expansion, enlargement of the activities scope, and construction of a management team, for a tripling of the revenues since the initial investment.

Sotep is a manufacturer of high precision tubes and tubular parts for the aeronautics, nuclear and various industries.
Investment Date: 2011
Exit Date: 2018
Managers: Gabriel Pons and Pascal Lebas, Cyril Olivier
Elaïs Orium supported the managers in the transformation of Sotep from a patrimonial company highly dependent on its founders and active mostly in France into a company with a rejuvenated and multilingual management team, strong international development and focused on critical parts for the aeronautics sector.

Ocedis is a leader in water treatment consumables for swimming pools.
Investment Date: 2008
Exit Date: 2017
Manager: Claude Hardy
Elaïs Orium supported Claude Hardy in the carve-out of Ocedis from its previous group, in the development in France and abroad (setting up of a selling subsidiary in Morocco and a packaging workshop in Senegal), in an add-on acquisition in the dosing pumps sector (MelFrance), as well as the introduction of computer-aided production management and purchasing optimization.